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A stack of pancakes on a plate topped with fruit and syrup

Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions

Why do we find feedback to be so irregular, inconsistent and poorly seasoned? Let's make feedback the breakfast of champions!
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Tadej Pogacar, in the Tour de France yellow jersey, celebrates on his bike

Persistence is the Key

Persistence helps us to achieve our goals. Today we feature a few examples of persistence personified and consider what we can learn...
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A person holds a computer generated image of a brain in his cupped hands

Think – Behave – Results

How often do we consider that how we think and how we behave are inter-connected, and that they both affect our results?
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Two men and two women stand in an office looking at a laptop and smiling

Employee Loneliness, Engagement and Stress

Gallup's latest report states that employee engagement levels are low, whilst stress and loneliness levels are high. What can be done?
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Progress via the Power of Small Wins

When working on a big project, how can we maintain motivation and sustain progress? Enter, stage left, the power of small wins...
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Wooden blocks on springs, going up in height

The Evolution of Performance Coaching

Coaching has evolved from a structured, transactional approach to a more dynamic, holistic partnership. We consider what has changed...
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Motivation is the spark…

Motivation is the spark, discipline is the fuel, action is the fire. We review all three elements to support us in turning ambitions into reality...
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Running vs. Life

Global Running Day prompts us to consider the parallels between running and life. How do you get on when you apply these to life?
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Take the First Step

Do you have the courage to take the first step? Today we shine the spotlight on some remarkable individual achievements...
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