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Two men in suits, facing each other and smiling. One man has his hand on the other man's shoulder

How are your team RECOGNISED?

Knowing that we make a difference, helps us make a difference. But how do you provide effective recognition and praise to your team?
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A woman sits at a desk, looking out of the window and smiling

Do you schedule reflection time?

On the eve of World Thinking Day, we stop to consider the benefits of taking time to reflect. Let's schedule regular reflection time!
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A mosquito on a person's arm, with the words Making an Impact above the image

Making an Impact

Anita Roddick had a passion and she founded The Body Shop as a result of that passion. Her impact is still far-reaching today...
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Five different coloured poker chips on top of each other


Using poker chips to support in our time management and prioritisation processes has been game-changing for us. Read on to find out more...
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A group of people sitting in a circle on chairs and talking to each other

Does Language Impact Inclusion?

How does the language that we use impact the people we are talking to? Let's focus on our choice of language and promote inclusion
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A wide path up a mountain in the foreground. A mountain peak in the background

It’s the journey not the destination…

How often do you sit back and consider the merits of the 'journey' as opposed to zero-ing in only on the 'destination'?
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Mountains in the evening sun

How Do You Optimise Your Performance? 

In this post we offer some practical guidance to help you optimise performance and unlock your full potential...
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A single basketball player in mid-air, about the throw the ball

“Air”: Soaring Beyond Basketball And Into Culture

"Air" tells the story of how Nike's partnership with Michael Jordan came about. Nike's company culture and values helped to cement their conviction that it was worth trying...
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Four people in an office environment smiling and high-fiving together

Make Organisational Culture a Top Priority in 2024

Employee engagement levels are reportedly at an all time low. We take a dive into why culture should be an organisational priority in 2024...
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