Game-changing or life-changing?

We want both!

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life” – John Wooden, NCAA Coach 

In sport, coaching is a standard development tool for any player or athlete. At ICC, we believe that the same development opportunities are no different within a business context. 

As hierarchies flatten, activities hit warp-speed, and change remains relentless, demand for self-aware, emotionally agile, and creatively minded leaders and achievers is higher than ever. Often though, at work and in life, old habits and mediocre thinking get in the way of being truly effective. 

Enter stage-left the ICC Performance Coach, the development equivalent of rocket fuel! 

Would you like to:  

  • Eliminate blind spots 
  • Understand self-limiting beliefs 
  • Shift unhelpful paradigms  
  • Remove roadblocks 
  • Develop robust decision-making 
  • Remain results-oriented 
  • Stay accountable 

Imagine if you could consistently: 

  • Back yourself 
  • Keep sharp 
  • Stay nimble 

To echo David Goggins: our job is not to help you FEEL better, our job is to help you BE better.

To benefit fully from performance-coaching, transparency is crucial. Self-awareness involves deep personal honesty, it comes from asking and answering the hard questions – we’re ready, are you? Take the leap and get in touch

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