The Evolution of Performance Coaching

From transactional coaching to dynamic coaching

Performance coaching is a hugely valuable development intervention, and we feel it’s worth pausing to consider how much it has evolved over the last 15-20 years. Traditionally, this form of coaching was considered relatively transactional, a paid for service. Now it’s viewed as much more dynamic and holistic, expanding and contracting to meet the needs and objectives of each client.

As a happy resident within the coaching industry, terms such as ‘transactional’ or ‘dynamic’ are standard language at ICC. But for clients, the major priority is to simply establish and develop coaching relationships that deliver real and lasting value to both individuals and the business. So we thought we’d share some of the key differentiators, to offer clarity when choosing a coaching partner:

 Transactional CoachingDynamic Coaching
StylePrimarily aims to achieve specific, pre-defined goalsAims to achieve overall professional and personal growth
FocusFocuses on performance improvement and measurable outcomesFocuses on long-term development and potential, setting agreed standards and measurements upfront
RelationshipInteractions are usually structured and formal, with the coach as the ‘guide’ and the coaching participant as the ‘learner’Interactions are more flexible, adapting to required input and scheduling, and the relationship is more of a partnership
MethodsConcentrates on identifying and solving specific challenges, or harnessing opportunitiesEncourages exploration of ideas, motivations and environment, emphasising the importance of self-awareness
ToolsUses industry-standard measurement tools to assess performanceUses personalised development tools tailored to individual style

There is no doubt that traditional transactional coaching is effective for immediate performance improvement and task completion. Modern, dynamic performance coaching offers a more holistic approach, fostering long-term growth, self-awareness, and adaptability in a rapidly changing world, and it is for these reasons that ICC executive coaches tend to favour this approach.

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