How do you identify?

Scrabble letters on wooden tiles depicting the words who are you

Are you a superhero or are you one step behind?

ICC coaching is about precision accuracy, helping our clients get exactly what they are looking for.  One of the questions we ask is, “Who do you want to be at the end of this?”  For this to happen though, we also need to know who you are right now, prompting the question, “How do you identify?”

Client responses include: 

  • I’m a ‘Super-hero in disguise’ 
  • I’m a ‘High performer’ 
  • I have ‘Flashes of brilliance’ 
  • I’m a ‘Steady Eddie’ 
  • I ‘Could do better’ 
  • I’m ‘Barely holding on’ 
  • I’m ‘In the car behind’ 

To help you make the move from how you identify now to owning the description of who you aspire to be requires CHANGE.  Changes in mindset such as beliefs, judgments and opinions.  Changes in behaviour such as actions, reactions and responses.  Crucially though, it requires a desire to change, to ‘want’ to achieve the potential you know you are capable of.  But what if you lack motivation or inspiration?  What if you are not sure what you are capable of? 

Get on the dog and bone, you need ICC in your life!

Before committing to anything, you experience the ICC Overture Session where we help you create a precise picture of who you feel you should be and what’s on the map to get there. We motivate you to take your first step on the road and that’s where the fun starts!

As executive coaching specialists, achieving high performance is the very lifeblood of the ICC Culture and we want you as part of the ICC family. What’s more, we want to help you find the super-hero version of yourself to bring to the party (unless it’s Hulk, in which case we’ll talk nice and back away slowly). 

Give us a call and we’ll tell you how.

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