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Lencioni’s Fifth Behaviour: Results

For the last four weeks, we have been taking you through Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviours model, providing a roadmap for teams to function well and attain optimal results.

Lencioni’s model culminates in the attainment of RESULTS, which goes beyond mere output and encompasses the collective success of the team and the organisation as a whole. Let’s review the model, and how it contributes to the highly effective functioning of a team:

Trust: The Foundation of Success

According to Lencioni, the crucial foundation stone for any team is trust. Trust is the bedrock upon which effective communication and collaboration are built. In an environment of trust, team members feel safe to express their ideas, admit mistakes, and seek help when needed. This openness fosters a culture where creativity flourishes, leading to innovative solutions that contribute to overall success.

Conflict: A Catalyst for Innovation

Contrary to common belief, conflict within a team can be constructive. Lencioni argues that healthy conflict is essential for stimulating creativity and preventing stagnation. Teams that can engage in productive conflict are better equipped to explore diverse perspectives, challenge assumptions, and arrive at well-rounded decisions. This dynamic process of conflict resolution is a key driver for achieving results that go beyond the status quo.

Commitment: Aligning Towards a Common Goal

Once trust is established and healthy conflict is embraced, teams can focus on building a strong commitment to shared goals. Lencioni emphasises the importance of clarity and buy-in regarding the team’s objectives. When every team member is committed to a common purpose, the energy and effort invested in tasks are more likely to translate into tangible results.

Accountability: Holding Each Other Responsible

Accountability ensures that commitments made by team members are honoured. In Lencioni’s model, accountability is a shared responsibility rather than a top-down imposition. Teams that embrace mutual accountability encourage each member to perform at their best, fostering an environment of high performance that directly impacts the achievement of desired results.

Results: The Ultimate Measure of Success

Lencioni’s model culminates in the attainment of results. By building a foundation of trust, encouraging healthy conflict, fostering commitment, and establishing accountability, teams are well-positioned to achieve their objectives. Results are not self-serving, they serve the agreed best interests of the team, or business, in turn providing profound value to all team members.

Patrick Lencioni‘s Five Behaviours model serves as a comprehensive guide for organisations aiming to enhance their performance and achieve sustainable success. By prioritising trust, embracing conflict, committing to shared goals, holding each other accountable, and ultimately delivering results, teams can navigate the complexities of the workplace with resilience and effectiveness. Lencioni’s approach not only transforms team dynamics but also propels organisations towards creating a high-performance culture.

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