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The Foundations of a Performance Organisation

A strengths-based environment is where team-mates with different characteristics and operating styles come together as equals, forming a new and optimised performance environment

Everyone to some extent is differently abled. As individuals we are all born and raised differently, and our ways of thinking stem from both our inherent machinery and the experiences that have programmed us.

Creating an environment of inclusivity and belonging gives organisations the advantage of tapping into these diverse abilities and experiences, resulting in broader thinking and more robust outcomes.

Helping neurodivergent people to thrive at work, unsurprisingly comes down to fostering an environment of inclusivity and belonging. It’s about helping people to feel comfortable turning up as themselves, not as a fabricated or adapted version, feeling inauthentic and almost living a lie.

Creating a Culture of Neuroinclusivity – two critical best practices for supporting neurodiversity:

Trust, of course, is the foundation stone of a high-performing team – if individuals do not trust the environment to embrace their true nature, it instead nurtures anxiety, reticence, and guarded exchange.

Create opportunities for individuals to share challenges and feel supported. Encourage managers to ask for feedback from teams, sending the message that all viewpoints have value, and that development is continuous.

Awareness, one of the overlooked pieces of the puzzle, develops understanding among the workforce and prevents disability discrimination.

Provide mentoring and coaching, as well as skills development where needed. Set up an employee resource group, encourage flexibility, and create an accommodating workplace.

As an additional benefit, by thinking more carefully about how to leverage the talents of ALL employees, managers naturally become more sensitive to individual needs, helping them to get to know their teams better and become more skilled managers.

Neuroinclusivity is the foundation of a performance organisation. Talk to us about how we can support your inclusive culture, you’re In Cool Company.

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