Embracing New Beginnings

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The excitement and anxiety of new beginnings

This time of year, similar to Spring, is often characterised by new beginnings – children starting a new year group or new school, going off to university, friends starting new jobs, new projects starting after the Summer break, and Autumn beginning to make an appearance in nature.

Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, a fresh academic year, or simply a new day, the prospect of starting anew can be both invigorating and anxiety-inducing in equal measure. How many times do we consider whether that slight murmuring in our stomach is nerves or excitement? Why do new beginnings hold such an element of anticipatory anxiety as well as a big dose of excitement?

At ICC, we think that new beginnings – and all that they stand for – are essential for personal growth, development and fulfilment. Let’s break it down:

Growth and Self-Discovery: New beginnings often require us to step out of comfort, pushing us to grow and evolve. When we face new challenges or opportunities, we discover aspects of ourselves that may have remained dormant. This self-discovery is a vital part of personal growth and development.

New Skills: At times, we need to learn a set of new skills in order to fully embrace our new beginnings. Being open to listening to those around us and learning from those more experienced than us is likely to open more doors in the future. Every day is a school day!

Setting Goals: New beginnings are like a blank canvas, allowing us to set new goals and intentions. They provide an opportunity to make steps towards our desired future. This goal-setting process not only gives us direction but also a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Learning to Face Fear: New beginnings may be accompanied by fear and uncertainty but the act of facing these fears head-on can be empowering. Stepping into the unknown, despite the trepidation and anxiety, builds confidence. It reminds us that we are capable of handling whatever challenges come our way.

Overcoming Adversity: New beginnings may come with setbacks or failures, but these experiences contribute to our resilience. They teach us valuable lessons about perseverance, adaptability, and the importance of not giving up when things get tough.

Renewed Hope: New beginnings often signify a fresh start, a clean slate where past experiences or setbacks can be left behind. Perhaps like a second chance, and this is a powerful motivator.

We have all experienced being ‘the newbie’ at some point in our lives, and we are willing to bet that the majority of us had a sleepless night ahead of the experience, and then merrily reported back to our loved ones at the end of our first day that it was great….

New beginnings provide an opportunity to learn about ourselves, and learn from other people. They offer us the chance to start afresh and they bring the promise of a brighter future. So, let’s help those we know to embrace their new beginning this September, feel energised by the uncertainty, and be excited about what the future holds. Our previous article about Resolutions may help with setting goals for this new period of life.

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