What benefits does a performance coach bring?

Athletes sit on the floor of a sports hall in discussion with their coach

Why do world-class athletes need a performance coach?

We have a community of world-class athletes that support ICC. All of them have performance coaches. What makes them so special?

The answer is nothing really (sorry team!). Sure, they’ve all unearthed a talent that’s world-beating. Yes, they’ve leapt on it with the passion of a rabid dog. Of course, they’ve spent more than the pre-requisite 10,000 hours in practice to fine-tune their skillset.

If they’re that good, why do they need a performance coach?

  • A performance coach provides professional, personalised support, enabling athletes to stay focused and motivated through the many months of training, ensuring that they’re competition-ready
  • The pressure to perform as an athlete is intense, and there’s an inextricable link between mind and body. Athletes know that simply training muscle will only get them so far. Coaching mindsets helps athletes to perform at their very best
  • Often, it’s hard to know what to double-down on, what to repeat, and what to tweak. A coach gets a front-row seat, observing how an athlete performs physically and mentally. Feedback is objective and continuous

In a corporate environment these coaching requirements are no different

A performance coach helps individuals to unlock and perform at their highest level, and with their fullest potential

However, we’ve noticed that it’s more common to see performance coaching offered as a ‘perk’ of the executive role, reserved for those sitting in the higher branches.

While the executive team certainly set the cultural course of an organisation, we ask:

  • Which areas of your workforce exert the most cultural influence?
  • Which team members hold the greatest opportunity to deliver growth and impact organisational performance?
  • How might an investment in performance coaching ensure that your business is competition-ready?

Performance coaching should not be reserved only for the executive team. Contact us to continue the conversation, you’re In Cool Company!

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