Renewed Resolutions

A green field with blue sky above it

A time for transformation and growth

When the clocks change in Spring, it puts an extra spring in our step. Longer daylight hours are a reality, warm summer days are beckoning, and new life is appearing all around us. Transformation starts to feel possible again!

Why is Spring so synonymous with hope and optimism? We start the year with the much-discussed New Year’s Resolutions and a determination to ‘do more’, ‘be better’ and dare we say it, ‘eat less’, yet the short, dark days often prompt our resolve to waver after only a couple of weeks. When springtime comes around, nature mirrors our desire to try again. We see buds turning into beautiful blossom, bulbs pushing through the earth to find the light, and lambs jumping for joy in the fields. It would be difficult not to think that now is the time to roll up our sleeves and try again.

When the sun appears, it brings a welcome warmth, providing us with renewed energy. It’s amazing what a difference ten minutes of sunshine makes to our day! Just as animals emerge from their hibernations, we also find ourselves moving more and sleeping less. We were discussing recently how much easier it is to get out of bed when it is already light.

Springtime is a great reminder of how cyclical life is – there is always an opportunity for transformation and growth, for renewed resolutions and for taking on new challenges.

Use the transformative power of Spring and choose where you want to focus your energies. You’re In Cool Company!

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