Running vs. Life

Where are the parallels between running and life?

Global Running Day is being celebrated this week and we couldn’t let it pass without a small acknowledgement. There are a lot of runners in Team ICC and we always find that a run helps to us to reset. Sometimes we can feel a bit low, or be feeling stressed about a particular challenge, or be feeling devoid of energy, and going for a run helps us to change our mindsets, usually for the better!

It strikes us that there are a lot of parallels between running and life that highlight the lessons that both can teach us:

  1. Persistence and Consistency:
    • Running: Success in running comes from consistent training, regular practice, and not giving up even when it’s tough.
    • Life: Achieving goals in life also requires persistence, hard work, and the ability to keep going despite obstacles and setbacks.
  2. Overcoming Challenges:
    • Running: Runners often face physical and mental challenges such as fatigue, injuries, and self-doubt. Overcoming these challenges is part of the journey.
    • Life: Life is filled with challenges and adversities. How we respond to and overcome these difficulties shapes our character and success.
  3. Goal Setting:
    • Running: Runners set goals like completing a race, achieving a personal best, or increasing distance to provide direction and motivation.
    • Life: Setting personal and professional goals gives direction, purpose, and motivation to improve and achieve more.
  4. Mindset and Attitude:
    • Running: A positive mindset and mental toughness are crucial for pushing through difficult runs and staying motivated.
    • Life: A positive attitude and resilience are important for navigating life’s ups and downs, staying focused, and maintaining motivation.
  5. Progress and Growth:
    • Running: Progress is often gradual. Runners improve by making small, incremental gains over time.
    • Life: Personal and professional growth often happens through gradual improvements and learning from experiences over time.
  6. Dealing with Failure:
    • Running: Not every run or race goes as planned. Runners must learn to deal with bad days and come back stronger.
    • Life: Failures and setbacks are inevitable. Learning from them and using them as stepping stones is crucial for personal development.
  7. Discipline and Sacrifice:
    • Running: Training requires discipline, time management, and sometimes sacrificing leisure activities.
    • Life: Achieving success in life often requires discipline, focus, and sometimes sacrificing short-term pleasures for long-term gains.
  8. Enjoying the Journey:
    • Running: While goals are important, enjoying the process of running and appreciating the journey is essential.
    • Life: Life is about the journey as much as the destination. Finding joy and gratitude in every day experiences is key to a happy life.

So, even if the thought of going for a run fills you with dread, we encourage you to take a few of these lessons and apply them to life – let us know how you get on!

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