Progress via the Power of Small Wins

Making progress, step-by-step

We overestimate what we think we can get done in a day 

We underestimate what we think we can get done in a year 

  • Did you manage to complete your ‘to-do’ list yesterday?  
  • If so, congratulations! 
  • If not, any feelings of failure or frustration? Or perhaps you’ve normalised it as standard practice? As a consequence, have you committed to avoid burdening yourself today with such an overwhelming and anxiety-ridden mountain of tasks? Thought not. 

Look for the SMALL WINS 

Incremental victories are absolutely the true driving force behind sustained achievement, maintaining motivation and long-term progress. During the course of our work at ICC, we’ve witnessed firsthand how celebrating small wins can transform a team’s daily productivity, their achievement rates, morale, and overall trajectory towards high-performance.  

Yet, when glancing at your list of activities, we bet that most of them are Urgent, all of them are Important and some of them are Huge!  

How you navigate your way through these responsibilities will dictate your success outcomes and determine your mood.

Understanding and leveraging the power of small wins can be a game-changer for anyone looking to make meaningful progress when attempting daily high-performance. Here are our top tips on how to leverage the power of small wins, every day: 

  • Break down your larger goals into visible, manageable tasks 
  • Prioritise your to-do list: Urgent = deadline (set and manage expectations); Importance = consequence (schedule it in or it won’t get done) 
  • Learn from yesterday: Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time available 
  • Look for the distractions: Observe where your time is hijacked 
  • Know yourself: When are you most focused? When are you most productive? When are you most creative? 
  • Celebrate successes, however small 

“Success is not just about reaching the destination, it is also about enjoying the road-trip, the view and the playlist” 

So, we encourage you to inject some discipline into your daily responsibilities, individually and as a team. Embrace and celebrate small wins this week and let us know the progress you make towards achieving the larger goals. 

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