When the going gets tough

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Sean Conway 

Attempting an Iron-distance Triathlon 

2.4 mile swim; 112 mile cycle; 26.2 mile run 

102 times 


You read that right, Sean Conway is on Day 53 of 102 consecutive days of swim, cycle, run, repeat. 

Our pal Sean is not shy of a challenge. So far he’s racked up the following achievements: 

  • First person to cycle, swim and run the length of Great Britain 
  • Completed the world’s longest triathlon, 4,200 miles around the coast of Britain 
  • Fastest unsupported crossing of Europe by bicycle 
  • Cycled solo around the world 

Here at ICC, we are also fond of a challenge or two. Later this month, Sarah, our Director of Operations, takes part in the much sought-after iron-distance Ultimate Triathlon in Shropshire, UK. In the nine months that Sarah has been training for this race, she has truly exemplified consistency, putting the hours in for each discipline regardless of wind, rain, cold or heat. 

So, we are lost for vocabulary when we think about what Sean is undertaking. Rising at 4.29am each day, in the pool for 5.00am and finishing early to mid-evening, every day, rinse and repeat. Especially given that, at the halfway point (such an enormous achievement) he is essentially having to reset and do it all over again. We are left asking the question “HOW?!” 

  • His determination, discipline, rigour and attention to detail are unmatched 
  • He is able to simply focus on what’s in front of him to avoid overwhelm 
  • He can align mindset to purpose when the bad guys “What’s the point?” and “I don’t know if I can go on” show up 
  • He leans on the power of community to help keep him energised  

When hearing about Sean’s challenge, some might also ask the question “Why?” 

Sean is attempting #IRON102 in aid of the True Venture Foundation, inspiring and supporting children and young athletes by improving access to positive opportunities through sport.  

To help fund the challenge, Sean offers donors the opportunity to sponsor a day, to buy a signed race number or a swim cap, to buy him a coffee, or (genius) to have their name tattooed on his bum cheek! 

The challenge itself is not part of an organised event. There is no support, no first aid, no help. Just Sean, his swimmers, his bike, his runners and his big ginger beard. A groundswell is developing in the community, as Sean offers the opportunity to be part of this global first: two ‘swim with me’ sessions per week (one public and one youth club) and, by following the tracker, strong riders can join the cycle stage and the run route is traffic free and runner friendly. Other amateur athletes are achieving personal bests or longest distances as a result of joining Sean. 

So, what can we learn from Sean? Sean Conway is simply a clean, authentic, inspiring example of: 

  • The power of purpose 
  • The importance of community 
  • The ability to break big goals down into manageable chunks 
  • Consistency, the crucial factor in training and development 
  • The importance that mindset plays in achieving high-performance 

Here at ICC, if the going gets tough today (or for the next 49 days) we will stand by our commitment to #BeMoreSean 


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