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For Individuals

Unleash your potential

Excellence at every level

Ready to take your performance up a level?

ICC for Individuals programmes will help you take decisive action in all areas of your life to achieve excellence at every level.

We provide a dynamic blend of one-to-one coaching through to peer development groups and community forums to support your development.

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ICC Membership for Entrepreneurs

Big vision? Big decisions? Big responsibilities? Our membership package for entrepreneurs will help you cut through the noise, gain new perspectives and get it done.

ICC Membership for Executives

You face daily challenges, your resources are stretched and everything is urgent. Our membership package for executives will help you rise above the distracting issues so that you can focus on what's most critical.

The ICC Cultural Leaders Programme

Become a performance leader within your organisation. We'll help you take your communication and influence to the next level as well as develop purpose-driven strategies to enhance the performance culture of your team.

The ICC Turbo-Boost Programme

Three x 90 minute coaching sessions designed to help you define your goals, build the roadmap and arm you with a high performance mindset.

"ICC's coaching delves extremely deep to facilitate the development of a robust mind-set, in my case one which now not only leads confidently, but motivates, desires to inspire others and take them on that journey towards positive results and outcomes."

The ICC Experience

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or future leader, prepare to take your performance to the next level by engaging in a dynamic blend of one-to-one coaching and peer-group development.

Welcome to the team, come on in.