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The ICC Cultural Architects Programme

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Who are the Cultural Architects in your organisation? Who do others look to for direction?

Leadership is not exclusive to those at the ‘top’ – if an organisation’s aim is to thrive, leaders must operate at every level.

Organisations experience significant uplifts as a result of investing in their Cultural Architects (the ambassadors, and often unsung team members, who others turn to for guidance and advice). We would bet that your Cultural Architects are some of the most valuable people within your organisation. What would you do without them? How will you retain them so they continue to add value to everything you do?

Build the capability and confidence of your valued team members. We’ll help you take their communication and influence to the next level and support them in developing purpose-driven strategies to enhance the performance culture of the whole team.

A ‘Cultural Architect’ models and reinforces your performance values and showcases your direction. Their behaviours are authentic, relatable and inspiring in both face-to-face scenarios and when operating remotely. In short, they play a crucial role in your organisation. Work with us to engage and retain them. 

How does it work?

A 9-12 month development and coaching programme (we suggest one session per month to keep development fresh and momentum high) exclusively for your Cultural Architects (minimum 4 participants):

What our clients say

“I have attended many courses and never before felt engaged from the first minutes of the day right through to filling out the evaluation form.  Content, pace, notebook, slides, group activities – all great.”

Why choose this programme?

The ICC Cultural Architects Programme supports those people in your organisation who you have identified as high potential and being of strategic importance. It will assist them to:

At ICC, we help to unlock and harness the full potential of that ‘something’ through development sessions and coaching, using purpose as the common theme. In turn, this elevates the entire team’s collective performance mindset, delivering positive and lasting results.

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