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ICC Membership for Entrepreneurs

For Individuals

Membership for Entrepreneurs

Big vision? Big decisions? Big responsibilities? We will help you cut through the noise, gain new perspectives and get it done. 

We offer a dynamic blend of one-to-one and facilitated peer-group coaching sessions to support your personal and professional development. 

What's included?

Performance coaching

An ICC performance coach partners with you in confidence, with the purpose of helping you design and achieve your professional and personal performance goals. Our coaching includes provocative, challenging, and active enquiry to help you develop your personal roadmap.

Peer development forums

We recognise the value in collaborating and engaging with peers to exchange ideas, share challenges and develop knowledge. We facilitate and chair collaborative in-person forums to get you talking to peers in non-competing organisations. 

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The ICC Experience

A business doesn’t run itself. Results are dependent on how we perform and the unseen causes that restrict us from reaching our potential – how we think and the actions we take.

Our memberships are designed to unlock potential and maximise outcomes – come and join us, tell your friends.