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The ICC Turbo-Boost Programme

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Turbo-Boost: the coaching equivalent of rocket fuel

The ICC Turbo-Boost Programme is a short-term coaching partnership supporting individuals to work through challenges or achieve a specific goal.

Our ICC coaches work closely with each individual to identify desired goals then help them to bridge the gaps with skills development, truth bombs, knowledge sources and mindset shifts.

It’s an exhilarating ride. Buckle up!

How does it work?

On the Turbo-Boost programme, participants benefit from three 90-minute individual coaching sessions over a period of 3-6 months. Sessions are deliberately kept short and focused, designed purely to support individuals through a specific opportunity or challenging situation – achieving higher levels of accomplishment and an uplift in confidence and ownership as an outcome.

This programme makes coaching accessible for employees at all levels of your organisation. It is an affordable, short-term, rocket-fuelled boost.

All humans have potential. Are you maximising the strengths of your team?

This programme super-charges performance. We support our clients to create a roadmap that they are motivated to follow by defining goals, prioritising objectives and gaining commitment to a plan. 

Over the course of three intense sessions, we identify a meaningful purpose, which in turn builds enthusiasm and ownership. This, combined with a focus on developing a growth mindset, will help to fully unlock the potential of your team.

Ultimately, the ICC Turbo-Boost programme supports individuals to feel empowered to make deliberate steps forward, with passion, purpose and precision – thereby building team morale and super-charging team performance.

Why choose Turbo-Boost?

Clients come to us for short-term support. Examples include:

  • Uplifts in performance targets
  • Stakeholder influence and communication
  • Gaining a promotion
  • Diversifying skill sets
  • Restructuring a team
  • Keeping motivation levels high (e.g. towards the end of a project)
  • Working through received feedback
  • Implementing new initiatives
  • Nailing an important presentation
  • Overcoming challenges or roadblocks in projects
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