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High-Performance Partnership

For Organisations

We are passionate about people

The High-Performance Partnership is the bedrock of the ICC offering, with the sole purpose of assisting you in embedding a sustainable high-performance culture within your organisation.

The partnership forms the basis of your cultural discovery and analysis while also being an entry-point to our platform of on-demand, value-added performance services: operating from within your business, we deliver ongoing performance coaching, culture-defining development initiatives and game-changing experiences.

Your people are your most valuable asset and we support you by guiding them on their pathway to excellence.

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 “By aligning your operational values and generating a high degree of employee engagement, your high-performance culture effortlessly promotes continuous innovation, collaborative communication, performance mindsets, business growth and profitability. Join us!” 

Jazz Cool, ICC Co-Founder

Our Partnership, explained

A stimulating and trusted partnership for organisations who are passionate about their people

Onboarding: Interviews with your senior team to gain an understanding of your organisation’s existing culture and desired performance outcomes.

Ongoing virtual coaching sessions: Virtual coaching and development sessions which blend personal development with aligning the individual to the needs and goals of the organisation.

Quarterly Performance Reviews: These meetings provide an opportunity for ICC to provide feedback and recommendations from coaching sessions. The quarterly reviews also serve as a platform for you to steer the engagement – goals and development priorities highlighted in the performance review will be driven through your organisation by ICC within coaching sessions.

Performance Unlocked: The ICC High-Performance Partnership provides discounted access to our game-changing on-demand performance services that will help to turbo-charge your people and your culture. Check out how you can level-up performance.

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“Your programme of coaching for our team was fantastic. Thank you. You really took time to understand our needs and you have an incredible ability to read and understand people very quickly. I am so delighted that all of the leadership team warmed to you and your style almost immediately in each of their sessions. They have each commented on how much they enjoyed their time with you and how you weren’t ‘like other consultants’!’”


A High-Performance Culture, a nice-to-have or a necessity?

  • What value could a high-performance culture bring to your organisation?
  • Would a shared high-performance mindset across your teams allow you to achieve your goals faster?
  • Would having more engaged employees reduce staff turnover?
  • Would happier employees translate to happier customers?
  • Would an organisation of motivated and engaged employees foster a culture that helps you attract talent?

What the experts say…

A Columbia University study highlights that a high-performance culture increases employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Similarly, McKinsey’s Organisational Health Index demonstrates that organisations applying focus on both team performance AND team health are more successful and deliver better financial results.  


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“The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is people”, Kamil Toume