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Shape Your High-Performance Culture

Excellence at Every Level

Let's take your organisation to the next level

We don’t offer traditional coaching or development programmes. We engage in inclusive partnerships that support your organisational journey to excellence.

ICC specialises in:

  • optimising sustainable performance development
  • amplifying high-performance cultures
  • creating sustainable value for your organisation
Kenton Cool speaking at Cazenove Capital

Cultural Performance Analysis

Our carefully designed online diagnostic helps you understand performance directions across your business, using the Five Pillars of High-Performance as a base. Our analysis highlights trends, strengths and development areas in your performance culture, and provides actionable recommendations for your journey to sustainable high performance.

Skills Development Programmes

We offer a portfolio of on-demand, high-performance skills development programmes which are designed to support your organisational objectives and resolve your identified skills gaps. From performance selling and negotiation skills, to embedding DEI and bringing core values to life - you are sure to find an ICC session that suits your requirements.

Executive Coaching

ICC Coaching stimulates Executives to own a more fine-tuned and deliberate approach to leadership. The subsequent business benefits include operational and financial efficiencies, with more streamlined, collaborative and mission-driven teams.

Turbo-Boost Coaching

The ICC Turbo-Boost Programme is a short-term coaching partnership supporting individuals to overcome a specific challenge or to achieve a chosen goal. It’s the coaching equivalent of rocket fuel!

Executive Leaders Programme

The ICC Executive Leaders Programme provides formal leaders with the type of development and support that is often missing at this level. Short, punchy and relevant development sessions, undertaken in small groups, complemented with individual coaching to further enhance the learning.

Cultural Architects Programme

This programme is designed for non-formal leaders within your organisation, identified as having high potential and being of strategic importance to the business. It will support them to build confidence in their abilities, be empowered to coach others, and put the groundwork in to become a 'formal' leader in the future.

"If you've not engaged a company before to re-invigorate your team, I would certainly recommend In Cool Company. It's not just content but how it's delivered and how relevant it actually is. Definitely worth trying out!"

The ICC Experience

Dive into The ICC Experience to:

  • develop flexible and tactical mindsets
  • embed agile and creative attitudes
  • instil a passion for personal performance