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Skills Development Programmes

Our portfolio of high-performance skills development programmes

What is it?

We offer a portfolio of on-demand, high-performance skills development programmes which are designed to support your organisational objectives and resolve your identified skills gaps. From performance selling and negotiation skills, to embedding DEI and bringing core values to life – you are sure to find an ICC session that suits your requirements.

Our development programmes vary in length: one day, two days or modular sessions, dependent on the topic, the number of participants, and of course your own preferences. We enjoy bespoking our programmes to meet your specific needs – please get in touch and explain your objectives and we will advise whether we are able to support you.

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The All-Important Stickiness Factor

How many times have you attended a development session, only to find that you forget most of what you have learnt as soon as you return to your high-pressure role? ICC is here to make sure that doesn’t happen this time – we want you to gain maximum value from your investment and we want these learnings to stick. 

We shy away from one-off training engagements, preferring instead to work in partnership with our clients, so that we gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation. This ensures that we design our development initiatives to meet your specific needs, using relevant examples, referring to current challenges, and using language that is familiar to your employees. 

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Jane is an exceptional trainer and coach who delivered a fantastic sales performance session for my team which was very well-received by them all. She provided fresh content that combined mind-set and skill-based tips to help them embrace their authentic self and make the required changes to deliver great business results. She delivered this material in a super engaging way that really connected with us all. We all walked away feeling inspired and equipped with the know-how to make real step changes in our role and business.”

Ashaa Khunti, Head of Production, Worldwide Business Research

Some Of Our Skills Development Programmes:

The Foundations of Performance Selling

In the professional environment, what is distinctive about our product or service offering? It is never simply the offering but HOW it is offered. Do we spend as much time developing our approach as we do our offering? Is our strategy to: attract new business; nurture and gain more from our existing business; focus on more profitable business, or to simply refine our existing interactions?

This programme covers the required knowledge, skills and attitudes of a peak-performing sales professional and considers scenario-based examples to support the practical application of the learnings.

Negotiation Skills

Do you feel confident when entering negotiations? Do you always leave negotiations satisfied with the outcome? Do you sometimes feel that you could have achieved more or framed something differently? Would you like your negotiations to further strengthen business relationships?

This programme introduces a framework that underpins all stages of the negotiation process and that provides and provides a valuable structure from which to build a negotiation plan. The session is relevant for those negotiating fees, terms or contracts.

Key Account Management

How many active clients did you have last year? How many will do business with you again this year? How many do we take for granted? How many go elsewhere for services that we offer? Do we operate from our client’s perspective or from our own? Now more than ever, building solid foundations with our clients while providing a consistent and proactive approach to retaining their loyalty is vital.

This programme demonstrates how to move from having a client philosophy to having a client retention strategy by developing sustainable, long-term relationships with open dialogues.

Communication and Influence

How often do we reflect on our performance after navigating a challenge or an opportunity and conclude that improved communication would have protected stakeholder relationships better? How often do we think that improved communication could have simplified and expedited the outcome? How often do we wish that we had the confidence to manage expectations better?

This programme supports the enhancement of personal communication skills, as well as improving messaging across platforms and with different stakeholders.

High-Impact Presenting

Is it always easy to engage an audience when we are presenting a topic that is very important to us? How often do we wish our presentations could be more powerful? How often are we unprepared for tough questions and find ourselves floundering? What can we do to inject energy into our presentations?

This highly practical session covers all elements of delivering effective, high- impact presentations, from design, structure and content to presentation styles and timings, as well as verbal and non-verbal skills.

Performance Mindset

What does high-performance look like? How can we develop our mindsets to overcome self-limiting beliefs and improve our performance? How often do we feel empowered to operate at our optimal level? How can we set ourselves up for success when pushing our own boundaries?

This session provides participants with the characteristics required and the essential formula needed to maintain a high-performance mindset, both as an individual and as a high-performing team.

Embedding DEI as a Cultural Norm

What techniques do you use to distribute the inclusivity message and cement DEI behaviours as part of the cultural fabric within your organisation? How can mindsets be shifted to create a more equitable and inclusive workforce? Is DEI viewed and valued similarly by everyone in your organisation?

This interactive workshop showcases modern approaches to embedding Belonging (diversity, equity and inclusion), while ensuring that participants leave feeling confident about entering conversations, introducing processes, and assessing strengths and development areas of both individuals and teams.

The Core Values Programme

Is there a common understanding of organisational values across your business? Do you regularly witness behaviours that align with those values? Is there a sense of shared purpose that runs through every team and function?

This development session showcases the true importance of purpose and values and how they guide strategy, objectives and financial performance. The session explores why company values often live only as a concept, while offering essential input on how to bring these values alive so that they provide significant value and remain sustainable.

Managing Projects Effectively

As a Project Manager, Project Lead or Project Team member: How clear is the project pathway, and the process in place to navigate it? How clear is the project scope? Is it shared? What input do you have in the planning stage? When do you notice projects experiencing shortfalls, overruns or delays? How well do you understand the priorities of all major stakeholders? How often are projects delayed by stakeholders? Do the team know where to turn to when looking for direction, support and decision-making?

This highly interactive two-day programme provides participants with technical planning skills alongside project-critical management and behavioural techniques. Project planning within the session allows participants to practice their skills in a risk-free environment.

Introduction to Management

Organic management team growth is common, via the promotion of technically competent or high-performing individuals. Promoting people from within can ensure cultural alignment, but often falls short when considering the skills required to manage others effectively. Where have valued team members moved from delivery to people management but with limited skills training? How might your managers benefit from developed skills and confidence?

This programme introduces the fundamental principles that underpin robust and supportive management practices, providing participants with clarity on the responsibilities of the role and how to balance management and technical delivery.

Train the Trainer

When developing skills as trainers, how often can the practice get confused with presenting? What are the fundamental differences that help to deliver content, develop skill, and transfer ownership? When there is a need to provide training to team members, clients or third parties, how do we prepare, ensuring that the intervention promotes an uplift in the performance of others?

This ICC development session provides a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of training, builds confidence to deliver compelling content, outlines techniques to flex to the learning needs of others, and offers opportunities to practice skills in a risk-free environment.

Further Information

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