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The ICC Cultural Analysis

Your springboard to a high-performing culture

Organisations invest heavily in developing a purposeful vision, underpinned by meaningful values. However, a values-aligned, high-performing culture is pivotal in delivering a return on this investment.

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The ICC Cultural Performance Analysis

What is it?

This is not another engagement survey!

We go beyond engagement, taking the next step to identify the ‘why’ behind your engagement results, uncovering the clues and answers within your operating culture.

Our unique virtual diagnostic assists you in embedding a sustainable high-performance culture within your organisation. Our blended quantitative and qualitative analytics offer clarity on the current performance direction of your business. 

We highlight trends, strengths and development areas of your culture, providing you with all the signalling required for your journey to sustainable performance improvement.

How does it work?

Our engaging and user-friendly cultural assessment poses simple enquiry around the Five Pillars of High-Performance to gain a comprehensive view of the current cultural experience within your organisation. It’s quick to complete and responses remain anonymous, encouraging open and honest feedback from your people. 

We don’t believe in cumbersome and dry reporting, only rich and actionable data. We identify and share aspects of your performance culture that are already strong and worth defending, as well as aspects that would benefit from development. All supported by a robust and reader-friendly evaluation, alongside proposed next steps in the evolution of your high-performance team.

Organisations with ‘extremely healthy’ cultures are 1.5 times more likely to report average revenue growth of more than 15 per cent over three years. And they are nearly 2.5 times more likely to report significant stock price increases over three years.

Source: ‘Return on Culture’ report by Grant Thornton LLP and Oxford Economics, 2019

What our clients say

"Your approach was constantly challenging and full of great enthusiasm and energy. Our results stand testament to your ability as performance coaches."

"We couldn't be happier with the results of the cultural analysis and the strategy we now have in place to further enhance our business."

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Download our Cultural Analysis guide to learn exactly what ICC offers your organisation and how the diagnostic works.

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