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Performance Conference


Collaborate and connect

ICC Performance Conferences bring together the sharpest minds, the subject heroes, the storytellers, the entertainers and the provocateurs.

Keynote sessions, platform learning and demonstrations, live podcasts, panel discussions and a tonne of supporting brands ensure that our events are well attended, lively and, ultimately, mindset shifting.

From the carefully chosen venues to the food and drinks, you won’t want to miss this experience.  Bring the team!

Silhouette of Kenton at sunset walking towards a Landrover

Optimise your performance

ICC Performance Conferences are designed to broaden your knowledge and challenge your thinking while encouraging you to design and commit to your own performance story.

Alongside the main scheduled events, there are opportunities to:

  • meet performance experts and influencers
  • collaborate with the ICC Team to develop your personal playbook
  • participate in curated peer group networking events
  • make use of exclusive conference discounts on carefully selected performance brands (e.g. apparel, footwear, nutrition, hydration)

We’re confident that you’ll leave with a renewed passion, clearer purpose and an optimised performance plan.

Benefits of the ICC Conference

What our clients say

“Kenton’s presentation style was lively, engaging and interesting. As one of our keynote speakers, he thrilled our audience with an interactive presentation of life on Mt. Everest with a collection of media from his successful summits over the years.”

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Join the Performance Community

Invest in yourself, read articles and blogs, listen to podcasts, watch TED talks, follow Dude Perfect. However, nothing beats connecting with people IRL (Google it).

ICC Conferences are your personal force magnifier – don’t forget your lanyard.