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Partnering Performance With ICC


Formed by a Glacier, each item of Garogosi Jewellery is unique. It captures a snapshot in time – a brief moment of poised ice – now passed, melted, eroded and lost. The creation technique involves a mould being taken directly from the surface of a Glacier, along with its GPS location. This process is unique and has taken years to perfect. No heat is emitted, no trace is left, and no damage is caused to the Glacier. The resulting jewellery is stunning and there are a fair few pieces on show at ICC!

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Our Co-Founder, Kenton Cool, is an ambassador for Bremont and we love everything about their culture, story and products. Bremont is an award-winning British company producing beautifully engineered chronometers at their HQ in Henley-on-Thames. Its story started in 2002 when brothers, Nick and Giles English, embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted pilots watches of exceptional quality. Since then, Bremont has made watches for many adventures and Kenton has worn a Bremont to the top of Mount Everest several times!

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Mission UK

Mission UK produces herbal tea blends that help you boost your energy, improve your recovery and fuel your extraordinary. Mission’s Founder, Tom, was inspired to develop a range of performance teas after completing a long distance bike ride through South America and recognising the performance enhancing benefits of Yerba Mate. The story behind the brand is great and the tea blends taste fantastic! ICC favourites are Energise and Focus.

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Hup Agency

Hup is a UK-based marketing consultancy with global experience. They provide an outsourced service that grows the companies they work with and becomes a dependable extension to the business. ICC has worked with Hup since foundation on all things branding, web and communications.

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Crude make some of our favourite coffee! Everything they do is centred on bringing flavour to life. From sourcing sustainable coffee beans to their unrelenting attitude towards roasting and brewing, flavour is King for Crude.

Due to our close links with mountaineering and the outdoors, we are big fans of the Everest and K2 blends!

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