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Performance Coaching

Elevating Human Potential

Think you know what coaching is? Think again!

The ICC approach to coaching will challenge any preconceptions. Our coaching is often described as unconventional, game-changing, bold, demanding and sometimes exhausting. We don’t hold back and we don’t want you to. 

ICC Performance Coaching is designed to challenge all team members, not simply Executives. Our modern approach to performance coaching brings huge value to a broader community, such as emerging leaders and high-potentials, who routinely find themselves under pressure to perform and deliver on business objectives.  

The purpose of any ICC initiative is to elevate human potential. ICC coaching amplifies individual performance, directly impacting the output of the organisation.

High-Performance Partnership

Partner with ICC to provide regular monthly coaching sessions for your team, aligned with business objectives. Our sessions are accessible, flexible and game-changing.
You decide who benefits.

Executive Coaching

ICC Coaching stimulates Executives to take a more fine-tuned and deliberate approach to leadership. Expect the subsequent business benefits to include: operational and financial efficiencies, mission-driven teams, and optimised communication.

What our clients say

"The coaches at ICC have the ability to engage with people in a unique and thought-provoking way and are quick to identify ways to help maximise objectives, careers, and visions, but more importantly allowing the attendee to take responsibility for implementation and thus a heightened sense of self-achievement as a result."

Ben Denham, Associate Director of People, Ashtons

What is Performance Coaching?

In a world where the term ‘Performance Coach’ is usually associated with Olympians and well-paid sports stars, you may be wondering how a Performance Coach can support your organisation…

Performance coaching:

Given the numerous benefits that performance coaching brings, the question is: why wouldn’t you offer it to your people?

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What does your high-performance strategy look like?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle