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Executive Retreats


Re-energise and inspire

Our highly popular and exclusive ICC Executive retreats ask you to take a short pause from the operational environment and re-engage with your corporate purpose. Groups are small to encourage peer collaboration and the platform is development-centred – closed mindsets and an absence of curiosity are not on the guest list!

Caution: ICC Executive Retreats are not relaxing spa days! We ask the difficult questions, dig into your challenges and rob the good ideas on the journey to finding solutions that will elevate your performance.

Reasons to join an ICC Executive Retreat

The Experience

We know that you’re time poor. We understand that you have pressures closing in from every direction. We get it! We’ve been there and we urge you to invest time to win it back.

You’re not just signing up to spend time with ICC. You will be welcomed into the ICC community where you can continue to benefit from coaching, resources, articles and peer forums.

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    Challenge yourself and connect with ICC!

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This ain't no country club..

You’re holding the roadmap. Changing your perspective changes your experience.

You’re In Cool Company. See you in the bar.