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Team Offsites


Offsites that elevate mindsets

Although we won’t be taking you up Everest (head to our partner site if you’re interested in doing that), we will encourage you to think beyond what you believe is possible and to challenge your own boundaries, while collaborating with others in the outdoors.

Bringing teams together, to collaborate in-person, has never been more important. To develop as a group, in a lively and relevant way, enriches the remote working experience and cements high performance relationships.

ICC Team Offsite experiences are anything but ordinary. Choose from our portfolio of offerings or challenge us with your own instruction. We produce the experience, your team benefits from the output.

ICC Team Offsites - example events

Benefits of an ICC Team Offsite

Kenton Cool wearing climbing helmet next to a rock face, stopping for a drink of water

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Offsites that return your investment, with interest

Repetition kills creativity, it’s time to upscale your teambuild. Make a difference, not a Post-it note sculpture.

Welcome to The ICC Experience. Grab a jacket.