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The ICC Executive Leaders Programme

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Do Executives need development?

Of course Executives need development and support, but we’ve noticed that it is often de-prioritised at this level.

The ICC Executive Leaders programme provides short, punchy and relevant group development sessions with the sole purpose of energising and supporting leaders to elevate the performance of their teams. Individual coaching sessions further enhance and embed the learnings and provide the perfect opportunity for leaders to self-reflect, solve challenges, and push boundaries.

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How does it work?

The Executive Leaders programme is a 12-month engagement. Each cohort of leaders benefit from:

  • 9 group development sessions, each focussing on a specific ICC Leadership Principle
  • 10 x 60-90 minute one-to-one coaching sessions, the first setting personal vision and direction, with subsequent sessions assessing specific opportunities or roadblocks, leaning on the ICC Leadership Principles to assist in finding a way forward
  • Access to the ICC coach between sessions for short check-ins if required

Why choose this programme?

This unique programme is a market game-changer. Blending classic development techniques with agile and bespoke coaching methods, the programme cements knowledge and skill while elevating mindsets. We provide space for honest conversations, non-judgemental analysis of mis-steps and challenges, discussion on individual concerns and identification of opportunities.

Executives will close the programme feeling re-energised, super-skilled, supported and driven to lead their teams towards high-performance and new-found levels of success.

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What our clients say

“Just meeting Kenton is an uplifting experience at a personal or group level; his passion and enthusiasm is contagious and bound to rub off on anyone who spends time with him. He is a natural communicator equally effective one-to-one or in large group situations.”

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“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” -Albert Einstein