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Performance Training

For Organisations

Skills development that lasts

Performance Training takes development beyond traditional standalone “soft skills” programmes. In an increasingly unpredictable and changing world, developing agility, dynamic communication and a range of human skills that are transferable and durable is vital.

All ICC development sessions are designed to align with the strategic goals and performance cultures of agile, forward-thinking organisations.

We deliver a superior learning experience.  We equip both individuals and teams with the expertise required to execute at a higher level and provide longer-term contributions to the business.

Performance Development

What are the benefits?

Performance Training focuses on specific human skills outcomes, rather than simply a set curriculum. This sets expectations regarding levels of effort and input required from participants: engagement and ownership becomes instant.

The central benefit comes from the heavy emphasis placed on developing a performance mindset.

Skills learned are lasting, practical and can be implemented immediately, delivering excellence at every level.

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What our clients say

“ICC ran a few workshops for my team. Absolutely first class – they really make you think but at the same time keep you focused. I would certainly recommend them!”

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Develop your people, scale your business

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them” – Zig Ziglar