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Customer Success:

Stage Electrics

Helping to define a values-based performance culture

Our Client

Stage Electrics has been working across all forms of entertainment, including the arts, broadcast and theatre, for more than 40 years. Its purpose is to make performance possible: from selling technical products and delivering multimillion-pound installation projects to manufacturing, inspecting and testing specialist equipment.

Its team of almost 100 people, works either remotely, from one of two offices in Bristol and Edinburgh, or on an agile basis. Stage Electrics believes its people is its most important asset and it is focused on ensuring it is a great place to work.

The Challenge

Following changes in its executive leadership team two years ago, Stage Electrics has been working hard to identify and agree a set of operational principles that resonate with everyone, and that will serve as a guide as it navigates the future. It formalised its company culture by introducing five Core Values in the late spring of 2022. Six months into this process, it wanted to understand what was working well and what still needed to improve.

“The survey results and the subsequent work we have done with ICC have helped us identify what needs defending and what needs developing, and how we implement a straightforward strategy to achieve that. “The value of offering our team the opportunity to feed into our culture and values and inform the decisions we will take in this critical area of the business has been invaluable. It underpins our approach as a Leadership team and has given us the tools we need to take further positive steps forward.”

Dave Coull, Managing Director

Our Brief

Stage Electrics asked us to provide its team members with an opportunity to share their thoughts on the company culture and core values, given that they have been allowed to ‘settle’ for six months. Ideally, it wanted the staff to provide feedback anonymously, to remove any possible fear or hesitation to state their true feelings. Importantly, our client wanted to fully understand the detailed results and receive recommendations for improvement.

The ICC Solution

We implemented the ICC Cultural Analysis for Stage Electrics. A unique web link was sent to each employee, with a two-week window for completion of the analysis. By request from our client, ICC asked employees to specify their department/team to enable more detailed analysis of the data.

Stage Electrics also asked for two further analysis questions to be added, specific to their environment, negating the need for them to send a different survey at a different time.

The ICC Cultural Analysis is anonymous and includes 40-50 questions (depending on client requirements). The average time taken to complete the survey is 12 minutes, meaning it is accessible, even for the busiest team members. This offers extremely high completion rates – more than 85 per cent of Stage Electrics team members completed the survey.

The Results

The findings from the ICC Cultural Analysis provided valuable insight into the ‘why’ behind many elements of the Stage Electrics performance culture, making it easy to identify where it was achieving (areas to defend) and where improvements are crucial (areas to develop). ICC presented the findings to the leadership team, provided ample opportunity for questions, and led a group discussion to generate immediate strategies for actioning the ICC recommendations.

After gaining robust clarity from the ICC Cultural Analysis, Stage Electrics has implemented a straightforward strategy to achieve performance improvements. It believes that this will not only benefit its bottom line, but also result in further improving employee engagement and performance in its values-based business.