Uncovering your Hidden Gems

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Who are the ‘Cultural Architects’ in your organisation?

The most valuable people in your organisation are unlikely to have a lofty job title – enter The ‘Cultural Architect’. 

In sports teams, coaches are generally described as occupying a formal leadership role. However, in high-performing sports teams, there are often many leaders, with one key example being the ‘Cultural Architect’ (often referenced as occupying an informal leadership role). In organisations, this informal position can often go undetected, but the value that a Cultural Architect brings is results defining: 

  • They are clear on purpose and direction and they navigate accordingly 
  • They model ethics and core values 
  • They are fully invested in what they do and demonstrate commitment, not simply interest 
  • Their ideas resonate with and inspire others 
  • They are connectors, building and nurturing relationships 
  • They navigate adversity from a positive position 
  • They remain humble while others look to them for views and positioning 
  • They have an innate, and consistent ability to change the mindsets of others 
  • They demonstrate trust and integrity with formal leadership 

They are the change-makers. 

How many do you have in your business? How many would you like to have? Can you claim to be one? 

Developing robust search criteria to uncover these hidden gems is time well spent. Not only will this help shine a light on where these valuable individuals can be found and celebrated, it also sends a message to the organisation as a whole that these characteristics are truly valued. 

Developing and nurturing this type of performance culture from within, by valuing the positive influence of your Cultural Architects, will quickly lead to impressive results. 

ICC can spot Cultural Architects a mile off, we’d love to help you uncover them!  

Our Cultural Leaders programme is part of the ICC High Performance Partnership, designed to elevate and enhance the performance culture of organisations. Click here to contact us for more details. Come on in! 

Interested in learning more about cultural architects in sport? Have a look at this fascinating study.

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