How do you like your tea?

Mug of tea on the edge of a wall with a view of misty, tree covered hills

Do you know how your colleagues like their tea?

“Being ‘easy to work with’ is a massively underrated career skill”

We saw this sentence on LinkedIn earlier this week and it caused us to stop scrolling. It’s a simple concept, but not necessarily one at the top of advisory lists on ‘how to get ahead in your career’.

Imagine the ROI when people actively want to work with you…

Picture your own happiness and productivity at work within the context of this scenario….

But what does ‘being easy to work with’ look like? After a quick discussion in the office, we agreed on the following (in no particular order):

  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and help others when they need it
  • You’re happy to share your opinion while also listening to those of others
  • You approach your work with an energy and enthusiasm
  • You remain open and non-confrontational
  • You can be relied upon to respond when you say you will
  • You consistently support progress towards objectives and/or project delivery
  • You’re approachable, creating time for others
  • You’re a team player, acknowledging that collaboration works faster than competition

And, crucially, you remember how everyone likes their tea!

There are behaviours and actions that all of us could sharpen up on in order to be easier to work with, and this little nugget of a sentence on LinkedIn acted as a timely reminder of this.

What have we missed? What are the characteristics of your colleagues that you really admire?

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