It’s the journey not the destination…

A wide path up a mountain in the foreground. A mountain peak in the background

Is your team engaged with the journey?

As leaders, we understand that having a Vision and Mission are critical to gaining support and buy-in from all stakeholders. Looking into the future, a Vision drives the very purpose of the business and focuses on what the organisation wants to become or achieve; Focusing on today, a Mission serves to educate and energise, driving day-to-day decisions and shaping the operational culture.

How often do leaders consider the journey between the two?

The day-to-day pressures of managing an organisation can often make work simply feel like an intense process of actions, activities and decisions. This is a real shame and can so quickly lose engagement. Most leaders go to great pains to build a business or team Vision, and their teams dream of being part of that experience.  

Pursuing the Vision should be seen as an adventure for everyone.

When all parties feel a connection to the journey, morale improves, productivity increases, efficiencies arise and retention rates increase. People become more engaged when purpose is clear and a sense of belonging to a pathway is apparent.

Most leaders answer “Yes” when we ask the following questions:

  • Do you have buy-in to your Vision?
  • Is the Mission clear and agreed?

But would your teams be able to describe the journey? If so, how would they describe it?

Paying attention to the experience practically shapes your organisation’s operational culture on a daily basis, and that input directly defines the outcomes you can expect. When was the last time you assessed your team’s engagement with the journey? A pulse survey simply provides a check of mood in camp, ICC’s Cultural Analysis assesses their lived experience and highlights critical performance areas for the business to defend and develop.

Get in touch to learn more about ICC’s Cultural Analysis, or hear directly about the experience from our clients. Come on in, you’re In Cool Company!

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